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01. Embed Widget

Embed the widget on your website easily by simply adding 1 line of code

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Share your social and project for your audience to easily follow you and your work!

03. Customization

Everybody loves customization, you can easily customize it to your liking

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  • up to 3 widgets
  • up to 3 users in Widget
  • up to 10 links in Widget
  • go Super!


  • Remove branding
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Unlimited users in Widget
  • Unlimited links in Widget
  • Unlimited embed
  • Support Indie Maker
  • Hi Maker!

    I'm Zernonia, the maker of Hi Maker!

    There are tons of Linktree/Biolink kind of website that allow people on the internet to follow the you easily, but I wanted more than that! I wanted to share my social links, and showcase my project all everywhere. Thus I've created Hi Maker!

    Hi Maker allow IndieHackers, Developers or Content Creator like you to easily create their social links, and showcase their project on any website they wanted! Hi Maker is aim to increase your publicity, your projects' publicity and increase engagement with your audience.

    Check out my project by clicking the button on the bottom-left corner 😁

    maker - zernonia